I am a Kitimat, B.C.-born, Montreal- and Kentucky-raised, Seattle-based 1 educator, graphic designer, and artist.2

Creating warm, compassionate, responsive, equitable, and fun learning communities, where students feel a strong sense of empowerment and belonging, is the undeniable mission of my work as an educator.

In my work as a designer, I collaborate with artists, small businesses, and cultural institutions on projects that establish visual identities and communicate visions and values across an intentionally broad range of media — including books and printed matter, websites, physical environments, video, social media, and through writing.

My artistic / research practice explores the intersections and overlaps of historic and contemporary practices, in a purposeful fluidity between analogue and digital means of making. This practice is sustained by a curiosity about technology, history, and the design of the mundane.

I hold an MFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design (2016), and a B.Sc. in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati (DAAP), 2010. From 2018–2022, I was an Assistant Professor at San José State University. Before joining San José State, I taught at Rhode Island School of Design and Clark University. I have worked as a designer at Vanderbyl Design, and on the retail graphic design team at Apple.

  1. I am new to Seattle, and would love to meet folks in the area. Please send me a message if you are here, and would like to connect. ↩︎

  2. In this bio, I will be referring to myself in the first person, but in case you’re wondering, I use she/her pronouns. ↩︎